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Vilnius mine and yours

On the alternative scene of Vilnius, the bands’ Will’n’ska “and Kite Art, a new ” player ” appeared. In the network Janki Rozbeglovej song appeared “Vilnius mine and yours”. The… Read more »

The Prime Minister plays with the spelling of Polish surnames?

„Now on a special committee is working. In near future they will present their proposition. During the last term the idea of how to write names was presented but soon… Read more »

Was the President of Poland kindly welcomed in Vilnius?

“It’s significant to say that for a few past years Poles and Lithuanians have been emphasising their respect for the sovereignty of the neighbouring country by, for instance, the presence… Read more »

Republic of Poland’s Orders of Merits given for distinguished Lithuanian citizens

On Thursday 14 of February the ceremony of awarding state decorations at the request of the President Bronislaw Komorowski was held in Polish embassy in Pac Palace in Vilnius. The… Read more »

The other act of vandalism against Poles in Vilnius

„Lenkija lenkams”, „Lietuva lietuviams”, „Polska no”( “Poland for Poles, Lithuania for Lithuanians” (“Polska dla Polaków, Litwa dla Litwniów”)) – these and the other affronting writings and Gedymin pile appeared on… Read more »

The act of vandalism against the Polish school in Vilnius. The police is asking for help

At night from Saturday to Sunday there was the act of vandalism against the branch of the comprehensive school named Joachim Lelewel in Vilnius. On the walls unknown criminals painted… Read more »

Haszczyński: Lithuanians need time to elaborate a new law

A famous Polish journalist and publicist Jerzy Haszczyński in “Rzeczpospolita” wrote that hurry in  the  normalization of Polish-Lithuanian relations may be harmful for these relations.  In the publicist’s opinion a… Read more »

Haszczynski: Lithuanians need time to refine new law

Jerzy Haszczynski, a well-known journalist and columnist, wrote in “Rzeczpospolita” that any haste during a process of normalisation of Polish-Lithuanian relations might harm these relations. In columnist’s opinion, the resumption… Read more »

The coalition awaits AWPL’s decision. The session postponed until next Tuesday

On Monday, the leaders of the coalition parties will discuss the situation in Ūkio bankas and they are awaiting the decision of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (AWPL)… Read more »

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