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2,6 million Lithuanian litas for Balińskich Palace’s renovation

The minister of economy – Evaldas Gustas granted 2 million 600 thousand Lithuanian litas for the renovation of the interior of the Balińskich Palace in Jašiūnai. The sum was granted… Read more »

“Talent is a trifle that distinguish one man from another”.The final of the contest “Talents of Vilnius Region 2013″

The final gala of the contest “Talents of Vilnius Region 2013″ organized in a festive mood, took place yesterday (29th December) in Rudomino. A special committee selected three winners. „Actually,… Read more »

Tadeusz Aziewicz: We look at the situation in Lithuania very carefully and we cheer Polish minority

“We rescheduled the date of entering into the treaty between Poles and Lithuanians as a result of Lithuanian presidency in EU” – said, Tadeusz Azelewicz, the government representative of Republic… Read more »

The finale of the contest “Talents of Vilnius 2013”: A real sensation

Christmas concerts in Nemenčinė and Rudamino, which took place on 28th and 29th December 2013 in Versatile Culture Centre (“Wielofunkcyjny Ośrodek Kultury) in Nemenčinė, were the summing-up of the contest… Read more »

“Audience as good as ever” – New Year’s concert of the “Wilia” band

Traditionally, at the end of the year The Polish Artistic Band of Song and Dance “Wilia” played two New Year’s concerts in The House of Polish Culture in Vilnius. On… Read more »

Will’N’Ska wins “Metro Rock Battle”

Yesterday, on December 27th, the final of a competition “Metro Rock Battle” took place. The winner was a punk group “Will’N’Ska,” in which Poles play. The prize is 2 thousand… Read more »

Z. Palewicz says: “The academic society will return to Jašiūnai.”

As the administrative deputy director of the Šalčininkai District Municipality – Józef Rybak informed us, the second phase of the renovation of the Balińskich Palace in Jašiūnai is starting. The… Read more »

The Gaza Strip/Because of the lack of fuel from Israel, the only power plant is not working

The only power plant in the Gaza Strip has stopped functioning on Friday because of the lack of fuel normally brought from Israel – a spokesman of the local energy… Read more »

Jerzy Haszczyński: real nationalistic electorate rules the Government and the Seimas of Lithuania

“There is no chance that Polish–Lithuanian relations will ever improve” – is written in “Rzeczpospolita” by the well-known Polish publicist, Jerzy Haszczyński. “The last, this year’s session of the Lithuanian… Read more »

The private and the remote world of the Tomaševski family

When a first star appears on the sky, the family is sitting by the festive table. The host makes a sign of cross, takes a Christmas wafer – the Christmas… Read more »

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