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Nationality in the Hands of Politics: Lithuanian-Polish About Names Adapted to Lithuanian Language, Relationship With Poland and a Vanishing Community

The questions of national minorities in Lithuania are pushed aside or, after conflicting the society, remain unresolved. The biggest national minority in Lithuania are the Lithuanian-Polish. According to Lithuanian Department… Read more »

The Difficulties That the Students, Belonging to National Minorities, Face, Have Opened up Another Difference of Two Lithuanias: There’s One Way in Vilnius, Another Way in Kaunas

Students, whose mother tongue is not Lithuanian, barely speak it, sometimes don’t at all, except for when they attend Lithuanian language class. This, Irena Baltakiene – the chairwoman of the… Read more »

Lithuania is considering to introduce a state Polish language exam

Lithuania is about to consider the possibility of introducing a state examination in Poland’s native language and accepting the results of both this and school exams while enrolling in universities… Read more »

A longtime problem of Lithuanian Poles left in Nausėda’s hands: What will the president do?

President Gitanas Nausėda and his First Lady, Diana Nausėdienė, celebrated the beginning of the academic year at schools, along with children. Each of them visited a different area – one… Read more »

The Ministry plans to teach pre-schoolers of national minorities in Lithuanian for 5 hours per week

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (ŠMM) takes the lead in order to improve state language skills among children studying in minority schools. The initiated project, according to which… Read more »

Discussions: “How can the elections influence Lithuanian Poles?” – speeches about surnames and tips about blackmail

Representatives of many parties are encouraged to join various discussions before elections to the Parliament on October 11. During a debate in the Polish Debate Club, politicians were asked how… Read more »

Polish and Lithuanian diplomas ought to be recognised automatically

The two-day visit to Lithuania of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland Wojciech Murdzek concluded with the signing of the “Agreement on mutual recognition… Read more »

Mandatory for both – librarian and mechanic: even the higher education may not save from the Lithuanian language exam

The Lithuanian language exam is mandatory for librarians, nurses and even school cloak room staff. As he met the members of Seimas, the National Language Inspection manager spoke that in… Read more »

Vilnius city librarians – struck by the National Language Inspection: those failing to pass the test will lose their jobs

If you fail the national Lithuanian language exam – you cannot work. This was the situation encountered by the Vilnius Municipal Central Library employee, however, as the head of National… Read more »

Vilnius City Municipality will issue written answers also in Polish

Services in the Vilnius City Municipality will be friendlier for the national minorities. Answers in a written form will be provided in languages other than Lithuanian, also in Polish. For… Read more »

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