• May 8, 2020
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Vilnius City Municipality will issue written answers also in Polish

Services in the Vilnius City Municipality will be friendlier for the national minorities. Answers in a written form will be provided in languages other than Lithuanian, also in Polish.

For services to be commonly provided, the City of Vilnius will do its utmost so everyone can get their answers in writing – in the language in which they applied. The Municipality has already planned to do so, but remote work showed how important is an individual approach to every client.

“Although it is trivial to say that the customer is always right, it is true and it must be followed in the quest for customer service to be convenient for everyone – no matter if a person has been in Vilnius for many years, or someone who just took up residence, or maybe just arrived from abroad. The service should be in a language most accessible to residents,” says the Director of the Vilnius City Administration Povilas Poderskis.

Over the past few years, the Vilnius City Office has been serving clients in four languages ​​- Lithuanian, English, Russian, and Polish. Sign language consultants were also employed. The website of the Municipality is also available in four languages, and from now on it is also possible to submit applications and receive answers in any foreign language.

“These changes are particularly important for residents of a multicultural city. Until now, only applications and complaints written in Lithuanian were examined.  However, Vilnius is inhabited by representatives of many national minorities, foreigners, who chose our capital as the place of residence and work. Acceptance and consideration of letters in other languages ​​is a proof of the openness and freedom of Vilnius,” says Vilnius City Council member Evelina Dobrovolska, who also initiated this novelty.

Thanks to this decision, from now on every Vilnius resident will be able to submit queries and applications to the City Office in their native language and to receive answers or decisions in the official language along with a translation into the corresponding language.

Translated by Aleksandra Sidoruk within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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