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World-renowned expert on human rights supports postulates raised by EAPL

In a recent interview, Professor Fernand de Varennes, a world-renowned expert on human rights, recognized the demands where the EAPL raises by years, namely: 1. Lithuania should fulfill their international… Read more »

Members of EAPL fraction in the Seimas attempt to eliminate unacceptable legal vacuum

On the 4th March this year EAPL in the Seimas registered a bill in which it proposed to renew the Law on National Minorities of 29th January 1991 until a… Read more »

Response to Mr. Paviržis and other opponents who respect Christian values

Recently, EAPL has been much discussed. Politicians and political scientists are constantly commenting on our every move and announcement. Such attention is flattering. It is high time political elites began… Read more »

Motion for Attorney General RL Darius Valius

On 16th of February 2012, Lithuanian State Reestablishment Day, member of the European Parliament Vytautas Landsbergis delivered a speech in a biased way, choosing the unfavourable aspects of certain events… Read more »

According to the Lithuanian Law on National Minorities adopted in 1991, signs with Polish street names are legal

Today, the District Administrative Court in Vilnius decided that signs with Polish street names placed within the Šalčininkai region Municipality are against law, and demanded that they are removed. The… Read more »


With the signing of the coalition agreement one cannot afford giving up one’s demands- Grzegorz Sakson says, the president of the Union of Polish Lawyers in Lithuania, who is also… Read more »

Record Breaking Support in Opinion Polls for EAPL in its History

Today, on October 5th, a public opinion research instutution Baltijos tyrimai published information about an election opinion poll conducted from September 16th to September 28th. If the election took place… Read more »

New communion building opened in Mickuny

On the 2nd of October a new communion building was opened in Mickuny. The building where the new communion was set, used to be a school. The building has been… Read more »


In the case of first-past-the-post voting It has become a bad tradition that before almost every parliamentary elections they try to fiddle with the first-past-the-post constituencies boarders. Such a tactic… Read more »

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