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Ripped off Polish street name plaque as a free pass to a nationalists’ concert

The march down Gediminas Avenue wasn’t the only big event during March 11 celebration in Vilnius. That night, the concert „Tevynei ‘13“ dedicated to the holiday of the Re-Establishement of… Read more »

Judiciary affairs related to Lithuanian language exam

The standardised Lithuanian language examination still causes negative emotions on various sides. The ruling coalition, which brought slight concessions to the exam, has become an object of attacks of the… Read more »

World-renowned expert on human rights supports postulates raised by EAPL

In a recent interview, Professor Fernand de Varennes, a world-renowned expert on human rights, recognized the demands where the EAPL raises by years, namely: 1. Lithuania should fulfill their international… Read more »

PL DELFI: We’ve been with you for a year

A year ago, one day after the celebration of the Day of Independence in Lithuania, PL DELFI, a new news website written in the Polish language, was launched. Despite “kind-hearted”… Read more »

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