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Polish flag on Gediminas’ Tower

During battles for Vilnius fought as part of Operation Ostra Brama on 13th July 1944, Jerzy Jensz (a.k.a. Krepdeszyn, 1914-2004), together with Artur Rychter (a.k.a. Zen) was the first to… Read more »

The 90th anniversary of the granting of The Vilnius Region to Poland

No grand commemoration, both in Lithuania and Poland, accompanied the 90th anniversary of the international recognition of the annexation of the Vilnius Region (formally – the Middle Lithuania) to the… Read more »

There are more Lithuanians in Vilnius region

The National Department of Statistics said that during the last ten years the number of Lithuanian people who live in Vilnius region increased from 55 percent to 59 percent. Based… Read more »

Saint Casimir – help us to persist in faith of our fathers

The Patron’s Day is the most important holiday of the comprehensive school named Saint Casimir in Miedniki. It is celebrated each year on the 4th day of March. It is… Read more »

Kubilius: I do not support statements which may offend different ethnic groups

The leader of the conservatives and the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius said that patriotism cannot lead to confrontation with the representatives of other ethnic… Read more »

For the Attention of Entrepreneurs of the Vilnius District

Dear representatives of small and medium enterprise of the Vilnius district, please be informed that implementation of a regional project “Verslo vektorius” (Business vector) initiated by the Vilnius District Municipality… Read more »

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