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Young People in Particular Emigrate from Lithuania

Mostly young people emigrate form Lithuania because they cannot find any job. There emigrate mainly those who have been seeking jobs for over a year. These are the results of… Read more »

The Sale of the Former Embassy Building in Warsaw Failed

It is the second failure in selling for 9m Litas the former Lithuanian Embassy building in Warsaw, so called Willa Olszewiczów [Olszewiczowie Villa]. A purchaser for a Sejm recreation centre… Read more »

Jedziński: When they were teaching us atheism, they were teaching religion

The basic achievements of the first 100 days of the new government are raising the minimal salary rate, lowering the price of electricity and starting the project of renovation of… Read more »

Comprehensive help for pre-school children and their parents

On the 4th November 2011 the Ministers of education and schooling, social services and work, and health protection signed the regulation “On confirming the procedure of providing services of comprehensive… Read more »

Niewierowicz doesn’t think that the Minister’s apologies were construed as weakness

The Minister of Energy from AWPL (the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania), Jarosław Niewierowicz, said that solving all the problematic issues between Poland and Lithuania will improve relations between… Read more »

Literature and Polish Language Olympiad – Vilnius success

There are as much as seven out of ten winners of the XXIV-th Literature and Polish Language Olympiad who are the pupils of Vilnius schools. The awards of the last… Read more »

How to „reset” the Polish-Lithuanian relations?

The most important aim of Lithuanian foreign policy has been to increase the political independence of the country through strengthening its position in the structures of the European Union (EU)… Read more »

Vice-chancellor of VU: Facilitations on exam discriminate students

Prof. Jūras Banys, vice-chancellor of the Vilnius University, announced that after politicians decided to facilitate the Lithuanian language “maturity exam”, taken at the end of secondary education, the university considers… Read more »

Gedvilas will attend the Parliamentary Assembly of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine in Warsaw

The Chairman of the Seimas, Vydas Gedvilas, will present the priorities of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union at the Parliamentary Assembly of Lithuania, Poland and… Read more »

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