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“Talent is a trifle that distinguish one man from another”.The final of the contest “Talents of Vilnius Region 2013″

The final gala of the contest “Talents of Vilnius Region 2013″ organized in a festive mood, took place yesterday (29th December) in Rudomino. A special committee selected three winners. „Actually,… Read more »

Tadeusz Aziewicz: We look at the situation in Lithuania very carefully and we cheer Polish minority

“We rescheduled the date of entering into the treaty between Poles and Lithuanians as a result of Lithuanian presidency in EU” – said, Tadeusz Azelewicz, the government representative of Republic… Read more »

The finale of the contest “Talents of Vilnius 2013”: A real sensation

Christmas concerts in Nemenčinė and Rudamino, which took place on 28th and 29th December 2013 in Versatile Culture Centre (“Wielofunkcyjny Ośrodek Kultury) in Nemenčinė, were the summing-up of the contest… Read more »

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