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„Bajeczki z przedszkolnej półeczki” („Fairy Tales from a kinder garden’s shelf”). Jubilee Festival of Young Actors

The Association of Polish School’s Teachers in Lithuania “Macierz Szkolna” (“School Matrix”) organized the review of performances by young actors – pupils of Polish Kinder garden groups for the tenth… Read more »

The promotion of Polish kinder gardens from Vilnius

For the first time, Polish kinder gardens and Polish kinder garden groups from Vilnius had an opportunity to present themselves and get through to a great number of parents. Today,… Read more »

Interactive History lesson

What should a teacher do in order to interest a student in History? Is the dictum that “Contemporary teenagers are not willing to learn humanistic studies” still valid? Can students… Read more »

The Polish and the Russian are together in the election to EP

Akcja Wyborcza Polaków in Lithuania (Election Campaign of the Polish) and Alians Rosjan (Alliance of the Russian) will create their common list for the next year’s election to EP. MEP… Read more »

“Our present and our future” The Forum of Polish Kindergartens of Vilnius

“Will Polish kindergartens and Polish groups exist in 10 years time? Is Polish education in Vilnius still valid? The continuum of traditions in Polish kindergartens depends on parents and all… Read more »

The Man of the Year in Baltoji Vokė

This year for the 8th time Baltoji Vokė Municipality will choose the Man of the Year. Three persons were nominated to this honourable title: Jelena Gałkowska, Anna Sareło and Roberts… Read more »

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