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PRESS REVIEW: About strange monsters

In the past weeks Poles in Lithuania have been active, they were organising more or less controversial actions and they scandalised a bit. Lithuanian media accepted it calmly or actually…… Read more »

End of Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ competition – “Cooperation with Polish Diaspora”

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has allocated funds dedicated to supporting the Polish Diaspora in 2013. Since the last year, basing on the decision of the Polish parliament, the… Read more »

MEMORIES PRESERVED FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS: Contributions to the memorial of Rev. Prelate Józef Obrembski

Last June we experienced the first death anniversary of Rev. Prelate Józef Obrembski – one of the oldest European clergymen. Rev. Prelate Obrembski, often called also the Patriarch of Vilnius… Read more »

Changes in the distribution of political power in Trackai district municipality

A change of authorities took place during a session held by the council of Trakai district municipality on the 31 of January. The representatives of EAPL and the Liberal and… Read more »

EAPL no longer shares power in Trakai district municipality

Yesterday (31 January) the council of Trakai district municipality elected a new mayor – a social democrat, Vytautas Zaleck. His predecessor was a liberal centrist, Vincas Kapočius. 14 from 25… Read more »

“Fame and wealth”: First losses: In the next article pictures of Nijoli in the shower

The first loss in the new reality show “Fame and wealth” (“Šlovė ir turtai”) wherein participates already are known from another reality show “Council is looking for a wife” (… Read more »

A new person is born…

Doctor Hanna Strużanowska delivered almost 25 thousand births. She welcomed each child to this world with joy and affection, but also with an enormous feeling of responsibility for.  Dr. Hanna… Read more »

National Grandparents Day in the Community Centre of Social Service of the Czarny Bór County

Let You Guardian Angel, Your protector from heaven Beg for everything what You, Grandma, need  The generation of elderly people is a treasury of universal values, worldly wisdom, so often… Read more »

Palewicz: We do not react to frivolous offers. The mayor of Šalčininkai district answers the deputy mayor of Kovno

Zdzislaw Palewicz, the mayor of Šalčininkai district municipality, says that he is not going to comment on the offer submitted by Stanislovas Buškevičius, the deputy mayor of Kovno and the… Read more »

The head of “Young Lithuania” wants to help Šalčininkai district municipality remove all Polish street signs without charge

Stanislovas Buškevičius, the deputy mayor of Kovno, offered to the local government in Šalčininkai district municipality to remove all Polish street signs without charge. The head of the nationalist party… Read more »

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