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Minister of Education: Probably pupils from minority schools will get different tasks in the exam than their peers from Lithuanian schools

It is possible that pupils from minority schools will get different tasks in the school-leaving examination in the state language than their peers from Lithuanian schools. The Minister of Education… Read more »

Tomaszewski wants to step down from the ruling coalition

After the session of the political council of the ruling coalition, the leader of AWPL (the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania) Waldemar Tomaszewski announced that he wants to step… Read more »

Saszenko and Lewicki in Vilniusland

A wonderful voice of Ewelina Saszenko, violins and funny jokes of Zbigniew Lewicki and perfect harmony between musicians created a real family atmosphere in the House of Polish Culture in… Read more »

„Alma Mater” conference – fight for Polish education

In the House of the Polish Culture in Vilnius on the 9th January there was a conference of the Association of Polish School Teachers “Alma Mater”, during which reports were… Read more »

Today politicians are making their decision on the exam in Lithuanian

Today, on February 11, a meeting of the governing coalition political council is being held in order to decide, among other things, on the issue of this year’s Matura exam… Read more »

The Lithuanian exam’s fate hangs in the balance

Before today’s (12th February) visit of the Prime Minister  Algirdas Butkevičius in Warsaw yesterday in Vilnius the fate of secondary-school graduates was determined.  They are to take an exam in… Read more »

Kwiatkowski: We are going into quite difficult period

Jozef Kwiatkowski, a Member of the Parliament of RL, who has been recently re-elected for a second term of a chairman of the Polish Educational Society in Lithuania, said that… Read more »

Without changes in the Polish Motherland

Joseph Kwiatkowski has retained the position of President of the Association of Teachers of Polish Schools in Lithuania, “Polish Educational Society”. The continuity of the presidency 73-year-old J. Kwiatkowski declared… Read more »

Tomaszewski: If government policy is not realized is it worth staying in coalition

Today, the coalitional partners will discuss the unification of the school-leaving examination in state language. The Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania considers leaving the coalition if the pupils from… Read more »

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