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Celebrities used to be students as well (Saszenko, Niemyćko, Sinicki about meetings with old classmates)

Traditionally, February is a month of senior proms and homecomings. Television celebrities used to be students as well. Today, they meet with their old classmates.  Asked by PL DELFI, Poles… Read more »

175th birth anniversary of Konstanty Kalinowski

On February 2nd, 1838, in Mostowlany (city currently situated in the Podlaskie district in Poland, but in the past belonged to the Gardino eldership in Lithuania) came into the world… Read more »

Vilnius Region: objects – stories – reflections – a scientific publication

Yesterday (January 30th) a presentation of the book Vilnius Region: objects – stories – reflections took place in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere at the Vilnius House of Polish Culture…. Read more »

Scouts and the inhabitants of Wędziagoła organize the 150th commemoration of the January Uprising

3 years ago, the representatives of the Association of Poles in Lithuania with the branch in Wędziagoła suggested that scouts from Vilnius region and the father Dariusz Stańczyk joined the… Read more »

Literary Wednesdays in Adam Mickiewicz Museum in Vilnius

In Adam Mickiewicz Museum attached to the Vilnius University Library, ‘Literary Wednesdays’ will be organized in 2013. The topics of the Wednesdays in the current years will relate to the… Read more »

Fridays with Polish literature

Everyone who cannot imagine their life without a book, and especially those who appreciate Polish literature in the next few weeks will have a chance to explore their favourite field… Read more »

A heart for a heart – appeal for help

It is said that money does not bring happiness and that health cannot be bought for money. However, these words can be easily denied. 12-year-old Czesia Czernuszewicz from the village… Read more »

Parents and friends appeal to the authorities in support of Dariusz Majewski

3,5-year-old Dariusz Majewski suffers from a rare disease – Mucopolysaccharidosis type II. The cost of treatment is estimated at over a million litas. The cure that may inhibit the development… Read more »

Klaipėda Russians also want bilingual street names

On Monday, another court adjudicated that the plates with bilingual names in Vilnius Region are illegal and must be removed. Heedless of the decision, the representatives of Russian minority in… Read more »

Suwalkiji Day on Kaziuki

To the traditional Vilnius Kaziuki we have more than a month but the organizers have just started preparing. This year the main event of Kiermasz Kaziukowy is going to be… Read more »

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