Catholic female orders in Vilnius (2)

Female religious congregations in Vilnius under the Russian Partition. Despite severe censorship of church life by the Russian authorities, the liquidation of male orders, lack of permissions to set up
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Wincuk with smiley face goes through life

Wincuk’s (or Dominik Kuziniewicz’s) concerts do not need any advertising. For the two upcoming concerts in the Polish Community Centre in Vilnius, which will take place on the 20th of
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„Pohulanka” Theatre – its meaningful centenary

The premiere performances “Kreacja” (Creation) of the PolishTheatre Studioin Vilnius directed by Lilia Kiejzik and “Pułapki Miłości” (Love traps) of the Polish Theatre in Vilnius directed by Inka Dowlasz- those
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