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Will EAPL leave the Coalition?

Polish high-school graduates will have some concession this year with the exam of the Lithuanian language. Almost all the requests of the EAPL on this issue on Monday were approved… Read more »

Polish-Lithuanian tension as Butkevičius visits Warsaw

Before the yesterday’s (February 12th) visit of Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius to Poland, the Ministry of Education and Science announced that the Minister of Education would sign a regulation facilitating… Read more »

Tusk is counting on the improvement of the relations with Lithuania

Today at 4.00p.m. of the Lithuanian time the Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk is meeting with his Lithuanian colleague Algirdas Butkevičius. Also today the Lithuanian minister of energetics Jarosław… Read more »

Sikorski: This mistake has to be corrected (The Act on surnames can improve Polish-Lithuanian relations)

Only after accepting the Act on the original spelling of surnames by the Lithuanian Parliament one can speak about a new dynamics of Polish-Lithuanian relations, said Radosław Sikorski, as “Gazeta… Read more »

Artur Górski: I have no illusions. There will not be any completely changes in the Lithuanian approach to the Polish demands

I must admit that with a great attention we observe the visits of the Lithuanian representatives of Government and we carefully listen to the current language of the Lithuanian diplomacy… Read more »

Samsel: Gestures and myths

Over the past few days from Lithuania, there has been a series of gestures to improve relations with Poland and the Polish community in Lithuania. A visit to Solecznikach and… Read more »

The success of ‘A heart for a heart’ action

The action ‘A heart for a heart’ came to an end. 97 thousand litas have been collected in the account of 12-year-old Czesia Czernuszewicz from Nowy Dwór near Dainava. The… Read more »

Tomaszewski: Our decisions may be more dynamic. Andrzej Pukszto’ s commentary

Yesterday’s statement made by Waldemar Tomaszewski concerning the possibility of leaving the ruling coalition by AWPL (the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania) has surprised many; especially as the prime… Read more »

A traditional carnival was held in Duksztach

There was a carnivale held in Duksztach “ Telewizja Zapustowa TV-13”. Everybody was eagerly waiting for spring, there was no exception, guests gathered in Duszkach were celebrating revelry to scare… Read more »

Aziewicz: The intentions of Lithuanian government towards Poland and Polish people will be verified with the passing of time

The improvement of the situation of Polish minority is the key to changes for the better, Tadeusz Aziewicz, a Member of Parliament of the Republic of Poland on behalf of… Read more »

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