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Valentine’s Day: Szaszenko earns, Niemyćko celebrates

Valentine’s Day. For some people it is a holiday, for the other it is a great occasion to earn. Some people claim that it is a commercial holiday which aims… Read more »

Lithuanian press in Poland criticises Linkevičiaus. “Demand like Poles demand in Lithuania.”

A biweekly magazine, „Aušra”, criticised Linas Linkevičiaus’ visit to Sejny which took place a week ago. During the visit, the negative attitude towards local Lithuanians could be sensed. “It could… Read more »

95th anniversary of rebirth of Lithuania

In February, Lithuania was getting ready for one of the three most important celebrations of establishing statehood. 16th February, the Day of Lithuanian rebirth, was celebrated in the whole country…. Read more »

Zapusty – a Traditional Carnival Celebration – Was Held in Dukszty

On February 9 of the current year was held the “Zapusty Television TV-13” carnival celebration. Zapusty is one of the most rollicking, cheerful and amusing winter feast. Everyone is looking… Read more »

Unified Lithuanian language exam still unchanged

This year’s graduates still do not know which Lithuanian language exam they will have to pass in just a few months’ time.The regulation concerning facilitated exam for minority schools announced… Read more »

Invitation from the Vilnius Alps of Laimis – the Lucky Man

In Vilnius Lipówka at “Laimio kalnas” mountain (also known as Góra Szczęściarza [the Lucky Man Mountain] as well as the Vilnius Alps) the conditions for skiing, snowboarding  and other winter… Read more »

Articles On the History of Vilnius: Vilnius’ “Little Things.”

Jasiński Altaria Jasiński Altaria appears in prof. Juliusz Kłos’s (1881-1933) book Vilnius: a Tour Guide, Vilnius 1923, in which the author states: “Between the Antakalnis and a riverside of the… Read more »

The Results of XXIV Polish Linguistics and Literature Olympiad of Vilnius District

“Hence, if joy, then with a touch of fear; if despair, then not without some quiet hope.” Wisława Szyborska translated by Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavenagh On February 6 of… Read more »

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