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EAPL: We haven’t striven for a meeting with Borusewicz

Press office of EAPL has published a statement concerning a meeting of Bogdan Borusewicz, Speaker of the Polish Senate, with the Polish Debating Club. EAPL claims it has never striven… Read more »

The March of the Living: Vilnius honors the victims of Holocaust

As part of the Holocaust Memorial Day, today Vilnius hosted the traditional March of the Living starting at the railway station and culminating at the Paneriai Memorial. The March was… Read more »

The history of Kraszewski Vilnius is now available in Lithuanian

The book by Józef Ignacy Kraszewski entitled „Vilnius from its beginning until 1750. Volume I” is now available in the Lithuanian bookshoops for the first time in Lithuanian language. For… Read more »

Rudomino middle schools – which one is better?

‘There is no need to fear that a Polish school will be worse than a Lithuanian one’ – says Mariusz Palewicz, student of econometrics, who in his paper compared statistical… Read more »

Rapidly decreasing number of Poles in Lithuania

The number of Lithuanian Poles has rapidly decreased in the last three years. According to the 2011 census, the Polish identity was declared by over 200 thousand of the country’s… Read more »

Syrokomla School demands an immediate approval for accreditation

Wł. Syrokomla High School’s community claims that the school meets all the requirements to receive a junior high school status. Local authorities from the capital share this opinion. In December,… Read more »

A Polish word on Lithuanian cementaries

Lithuanian nationalists, during one of their rallies against local Polish, were said to have threaten them that if they wanted to have Polish inscriptions in the public, they would get… Read more »

The victims of Katyń massacre and Smoleńsk catastrophy commemorated in Jałówka

The board commemorating the victims of Katyń massacre and Smoleńsk catastrophy was unveiled and consecrated today in st. Jan Bosko high school in Jałówka, located in Vilnius area. Moreover, the… Read more »

Waldemar Dowejko: the Vilnius area does not equal only Vilnius bread and palms

“Sometimes, wanting to preserve culture and tradition, we tend to forget about the dynamically changing present. It happens also with regard to Vilnius”, says Waldemar Dowejko. The works of this… Read more »

International Gathering of Poets of Polish descent in Vilnius

II International Gathering of Poets of Polish descent “Vilnius – the cradle of the Polish romanticism – a European city of writers” has just began and will last until Friday,… Read more »

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