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“My Wileńszczyzna and my Kresy” now in Vilnius

We are pleased to announce that our co-worker from Bydgoszcz, Krzysztof Jeremi Sidorkiewicz, has released his book “My Wileńszczyzna and my Kresy”. The book consists of the publications from Polish… Read more »

Polish President’s wife guests 19th Festival of the School Theatre

Association of Polish Schools` Teachers in Lithuania „Macierz Szkolna” (“School Mothercountry”) and Association of the School Theatre Fanciers (Towarzystwo Miłośników Teatrów Szkolnych) invited The First Lady Anna Komorowska to attend… Read more »

Branch of the Univeristy of Białystok successfully passed accreditation

Branch of the Univeristy of Białystok, out of 20 Lithuanian higher education institutions, successfully passed evaluation and accreditation. Accreditation was not obtained by such higher learning institutions as EHU, University… Read more »

EAPL: We haven’t striven for a meeting with Borusewicz

Press office of EAPL has published a statement concerning a meeting of Bogdan Borusewicz, Speaker of the Polish Senate, with the Polish Debating Club. EAPL claims it has never striven… Read more »

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