EAPL: We haven’t striven for a meeting with Borusewicz

Fot. Antoni Radczenko

Press office of EAPL has published a statement concerning a meeting of Bogdan Borusewicz, Speaker of the Polish Senate, with the Polish Debating Club. EAPL claims it has never striven for the meeting.

We’re publishing the whole statement:

“With regard to provocative speculations of some lowbrow portals on the meeting of Bogdan Borusewicz, Speaker of the Polish Senate, with PDC we declare EAPL has never striven for the meeting in any way. During Borusewicz’s last visit in Lithuania on Wednesday, March 11th and the whole following week the leader of EAPL, Waldemar Tomaszewski was participating in EP plenary session in Strasbourg.

All the provocative articles on this subject are just part of a campaign against EAPL and the attacks on the unity of the Polish community in Lithuania, particularly after a very successful local government election that took place on March 1st. EAPL gained 8,5% of votes in the whole country, record-breaking 17,2% in Vilnius and 70% in the Vilnius area.”

Source: http://zw.lt/wilno-wilenszczyzna/awpl-nie-zabiegalismy-o-spotkanie-z-borusewiczem/

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