• April 17, 2015
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Branch of the Univeristy of Białystok successfully passed accreditation

Branch of the Univeristy of Białystok, out of 20 Lithuanian higher education institutions, successfully passed evaluation and accreditation. Accreditation was not obtained by such higher learning institutions as EHU, University of Management and Economics, Vilnius University International Business School or Šiauliai University.

‘Pasing accreditation was difficult, for instance EHU did not pass it, neither did Šiauliai University. There is a lot of universities that received negative assessments. We were accredited, we met all the requirements set before us. Our strengths and weaknesses were listed’ – on the decision of the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education commented the Dean of the branch, Dr. Jarosław Wołkonowski.

Universities were assessed according to several criteria: strategic management, studies and learning, research and artistic activity, impact on the development of the region and country.

The Centre’s experts wrote in their commendations that the Polish university has a good scientific and teaching personnel, the branch collaborates with various organizations and has many partners, university arranges public lectures.

Among recommendations are: there should be a research strategy created and its aims defined, to seek appropriate institutions for internships, note the economic status of potential and accepted students and search for means to help the not very rich Polish community.

Translated by Antonina Górka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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