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“Polish, get out of Lithuania” – the incident in Solneczniki

Anti-Polish inscriptions occurred in Solneczniki. Police started investigation while the local people bought colour in order to paint the inscriptions out. “Locals reacted very maturely on this provocation” – said… Read more »

Faustina’s House will be given to the Church

 “I can’t imagine different solution. It is as simple as that. Faustina’s House ought to become the property of the Church” – said vice-mayor of Vilnius, Jarosław Kamiński, during his… Read more »

A Pole has become the member of the Ethics and Procedure Commission.

The Lithuanian Parliament has approved the new members of the Ethics and Procedure Commission. One of the new members is Leonard Talmont, the activist of the Electoral Action of Poles… Read more »

Storm in a teacup

With astonishment I am following the ‘debate’ that broke out in Lithuanian media and social networks ‘on the Borusewicz issue’. It came almost from nothing and it will end in… Read more »

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