• July 1, 2014
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Józef Rybak: I will not struggle against the mother-tounge

As he was appointed for the new position, Józef Rybak, the new director of administration of Šalčininkai region’s self-government, has received so called inheritance in the form of the fine for the bilingual signs with street names in the region.

The former director of administration, Bolesław Daszkiewicz, had paid over 40 000 litos fine. „Trails concerning the bilingual signs are still in progress, and director Daszkiewicz paid the fine by the March 2013, and he was obligated by the court to continue the possible actions. Now trials have been resumed, and very quickly were transferred on me. Now I have to pay – I mean this is just a possibility because there is no judicial decision yet – for the time when I was not the director. In case of the Šalčininkai’s Court it is the period from the March 2013 to the February 2014, and in case of the court in Druskininkai it is the period from the September 2013” – Józef Rybak, the new director of administration, explained to the „Znad Willi” (From above the Villa – transl.) Radio.

The new director has to pay for something he never did. „So I have to pay for something that was not in the scope of my responsibilities. However, I still confirm principled standpoint that the national minority community has the right to use its mother-tongue in the public life. This is the position of my political group. The second think is that these issues need to be decided by common actions of local authority and self-governments, and not only by judicial restrictions. I did not take the position of the director of administration to take responsibilities of bailiff. As the director of administration i have very different responsibilities which are tasks concerning socio-economic development of the region. For sure I will not be struggling against the mother-tongue” – J. Rybak ensures.

Bailiffs from Šalčininkai and Druskininkai are asking for the amounts of several hundred thousands litos. „At this time both bailiffs are asking for a thousand litos for each day of delay, which in case of Šalčininkai amounts to almost 400 000 litos, and in case of Druskininkai – over 200 000 litos. This are the amounts came from the bailiff’s statements of claim, because it is still not known what the court will decide.” – as informed by the director of administration.

The nearest court’s sitting concerning the issue of bilingual signs with names of streets is planed for the 4thof July then 5thof July.

Translated by Marcin Słoma within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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