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Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Szczecin: I receive this award as a honor

‘Being in the Presidential Palace after 8 years is in some sense the culmination of my work in the West Pomeranian consular” – said Wieslaw Wierzchoś, the Honorary Consul of… Read more »

‘The National Army, is a jewel in the history of the Polish nation,’. Celebration of the 70. anniversary of the operation” the gates of dawn ”

Singing the Anthem of Łagierniki at the Rossa inVilnius, at the mausoleum of the Mother and Son Heart today (July 6) afternoon started the grand celebration of the 70. anniversary… Read more »

Teachers from Lithuania already may be reported on the workshop “modern technologies in the Polish education”

Teachers’ training centre of the Association “Polish community’ invites teachers from Lithuania, Ukraine, Hungary and Germany for the workshop entitled “modern technologies in the POLISH EDUCATION, or how to help… Read more »

The exhibition of 50-year-old Vilnius coverlets: Grandma’s wardrobe treasures

Upon visiting to the Visitor Centre of the Neris Regional Park, one unwittingly directs one’s eyes towards the beautifully displayed folk coverlets with geometric pattern. These handworks were woven fifty… Read more »

The exhibition and film to celebrate 70 years of ‘Ostra Brama’ Operation

On 5th June in the afternoon, the exhibition pf photographs and souvernirs of Polish Home Army. It took place in the House of Polish Culture in Vilnius. There was also… Read more »

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