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Józef Rybak: I will not struggle against the mother-tounge

As he was appointed for the new position, Józef Rybak, the new director of administration of Šalčininkai region’s self-government, has received so called inheritance in the form of the fine… Read more »

Crowners and Poles in Lithuania – one Nation beyond borders

The division of Association of Poles in Lithuania “Wileńska Młodzież Patriotyczna” (Vilnius Patriotic Youth) was honoured to have Poles from Poland–the Crowners (koroniarze; term derived from “Korona Królestwa Polskiego”–Crown of… Read more »

Mindaugas Norkevičius: Knowledge of Polish language is not only an asset but also a duty

As a founder and director of Polish Language Club and Polish Culture under the name of Adam Mickiewicz near the University of Witold Wielki in Kowno together with my friends… Read more »

Jarosław Czubiński the Ambassador gave his best wishes to the Neris Radio team

On occasion of the 22th anniversary of our activities, through Czesław Okińczyc, the president of the Neris Radio, we  have received compliments from His Excellency Jarosław Czubiński, the Ambassador of… Read more »

Radio ‘Znad Wilii’. 22 years together

During 22 years of existence the Radio ‘Znad Wilii’ became one of the most famous and recognizable Polish media brands, which was founded by Poles in Lithuania. Due to the… Read more »

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