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Wandering around the Vilnius streets: His Music was born out of the Vilnius Soil..

Here  we continue the series materials devoted to great Poles after whom the Vilnius streets are named. Mickiewicz, Lelewel and Krasicki have already been described. Now it is time to… Read more »

Before the beginning of the new school year – a glance at renovations of educational institutions in the region

Each year in September we glance at the educational institutions: how are they changing, how are they preparing to enrol new students and welcome the new school year. Before the… Read more »

5th graduation ceremony with diplomas with the crowned Eagle on the Vilnius branch of the University of Białystok

Black gowns, red and yellow sashes, mortarboards with tassels, excitement – on 25th July 2014 for the 5th time, which was at the same time a mini-jubilee, the graduates of… Read more »

A teenage girl with a heart transplant feels fine

Czesia Czernuszewicz, who last year received a heart transplant at one of the Paris hospitals, is 13 now. Today, the girl feels fine and enjoys her vacation. Czesia Czernuszewicz suffered… Read more »

The Committee on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women tackled the subject of women’s rights in Lithuania

Lithuania should take into account women’s needs while implementing women’s rights policy–that is the conclusion of the Committee on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women’s consideration of… Read more »

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