List/Grid Monthly Archives: August 2014

The new school year in Polish schools in Lithuania

The first bell rang today for about 12,000 students of Polish schools in Vilnius, the regions of Vilnius, Salcininkai, Trakai and Švenčionys. Among them is about a thousand first graders…. Read more »

“It is not possible to make a magazine for all”

Romuald Mieczkowski. Journalist, specializing among others on issues of Polish-Lithuanian and Polish neighbors in the East problems, as well as Poles abroad. Writer, journalist, cultural animator. Active in Vilnius and… Read more »

Stroll around the streets in Vilnius: Kalinowski – unmatched conspirator

“One of them, Zygmunt Sierakowski, called Sierakauskas by Lithuanians, was a Pole born in the Ukraine, Antanas Mackevičius (Antoni Mackiewicz) was a Lithuanian and the third, known as Konstanty Kalinowski… Read more »

The number of Polish students in Vilnius still remains stable

This year 426 children will start to learn in the 1st grade in Polish schools in Vilnius An amazingly big number of pupils is going to enter the schools of… Read more »

Former undersecretaries of the EAPL: it was an arduous, but also an interesting job.

After the EAPL left the coalition, it lost not only the secretary post, but also four undersecretaries. The undersecretaries asked by the replied that they do not regret their… Read more »

Nearly 6000 applications for issuing of Polish Cards have been submitted in Lithuania

Till May about 110 thou. Polish Cards have been issued in Belarus and Ukraine – as follows from the information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs submitted Thursday to the… Read more »

Apples from the Polish Institute in Vilnius for sick children

During the handing of the gifts in Children’s Hospital in Santariškės  photo. Polski w Wilnie Not all the children will be able to go to school and sit with… Read more »

Residents of Poznań will again take care of the Rasos cemetery

Restoration works at the Rasos cemetery which is the oldest necropolis in Vilnius will start soon. Roof of the Jeleński family grave chapel, Radziewicz family grave and the monument of… Read more »

An artist from Gdynia will decorate the Palace of Trade Unions in Vilnius

A Polish graphic designer, street art artist and designer Mariusz Waras will stay in Vilnius for the international street art festival “Vilnius Street Art” from 5th to 13th September this… Read more »

Children from the Šalčininkai region had an active summer

Children from the Šalčininkai region spent the summer break at holiday camps in Poland and Lithuania. They have visited many places and took part in sporting events. Art and music… Read more »

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