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Waldemar Tomaszewski: the old act about national minorities will come back soon

The leader of Akcja Wyborcza Polaków na Litwie Waldemar Tomaszewski declared that the Political Committee of the ruling coalition agreed that before the end of the spring session they will… Read more »

The jubilee concert of the Fine Arts School in Rudomina

The Fine Arts School in Rudomina celebrated its 10th anniversary giving a concert: on the stage of Polish Culture House appeared students – from the youngest ones to graduates, as… Read more »

Renata Butkiewicz: I love watching Polish films

The Radio “Znad Wilii” presenter Renata Butkiewicz, the host of Filmoteka Polska (The Polish Cinema) programme, is nominated for the Polish Film Institute Awards (PISF Awards).  “I’m honoured by the… Read more »

Historic competition devoted to Pope Saint John Paul II. COMPLETED

Today, on 6th June, 30 students from Polish schools in Vilnius, Vilnius District Municipality and Solecznicki’s district entered the competition devoted to polish Pope – John Paul II. It is… Read more »

The coalition reaches an agreement on the original spelling of names and surnames on the main passport page

Members of the ruling coalition decided to accept the draft Law on Spelling of Names and Surnames stipulating that non-Lithuanian names will be spelled in their original form on the… Read more »

Why Would Poles From the Vilnius Region Envy Italians From Istria?

I love good coffee but the thick, aromatic, pitch-black espresso that you can taste while sitting in the sunlight of the South – the greatest Roman part of Europe –… Read more »

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