Vice-Minister delegated by AWPL on the President’s blacklist

The so-called “STT’s [Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania] blacklist” contains names of 9 vice-ministers from 5 ministries, TV3 reports. The list includes the names of all four
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Commemorative plaque in memory of the Tyszkiewicz family displayed in Trakų Vokė

Countess Anna Janina Maria Tyszkiewiczowa, née Radziwiłłówna, a wife of the last owner of the Trakų Vokė (Waka Trocka) estate, Jan Michał Tyszkiewicz, was honoured with a commemorative plaque on
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Poles to protest against the financial harassment of ethnic minorities

Wileński Rejonowy Oddział Związku Polaków na Litwie (The Vilnius District Branch of the Association of Poles in Lithuania) is organizing a picket in front of the German embassy in Vilnius
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