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Law on National Minorities – the old one faster than the new one?

The Prime Minister’s Office is still not able to refine a new Law on National Minorities drawn up by the Ministry of Culture. According to the Ministry’s proposal bilingual names… Read more »

The death of Stanisław Michalkiewicz

On June 13, 2014 after a long and serious illness, at the age of 57 passed away Stanisław Michalkiewicz, the broadcaster, long-time dancer of the Song and Dance Ensemble “Wilia”,… Read more »

Bookstore ‘Elephas’ : There are not so many places in Vilnius where you can get the Polish literature

‘ We hope that a paper traditional book will outlive these difficult times and despite the existance of e-books will be gladly bought in the future’ said Dorota Latkowska. She… Read more »

The new working party on the Lithuanian Law on Ethnic Minorities was launched three months ago, have not even had a meeting yet

Only now the working party on revisions to the Lithuanian Law on Ethnic Minorities have decided to have a meeting for the first time.  “We’ll be trying to meet soon… Read more »

Proud to be from Maišiagala: The 3rd Maišiagala Town Festival

“We always proudly say: ‘I’m from Maišiagala,’ and we’re right to be proud, since our town is one of the first ones mentioned in historical sources from 12th and 13th… Read more »

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