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Conference about Polish language: there are successes, but there are not enough handbooks

IV Reporting Conference of Polish Language and Literature Teachers of the Vilnius region was conducted on the 11th of June in a charming place of Sołeczniki region – in the… Read more »

70 years of ” Uśmiech”

The nursery- kindergarten ” Uśmiech” (” Sypsena”) is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. 7 years ago, everything indicated the forthcoming closure of the kindergarten. However, due to the  determination … Read more »

Following the Traces of Polish Nobility in Lithuania

The trip to Ilguva (Iłgów) through Kaunas organised by the 21st International Poetry Festival “May by the Vistula and Neris”, in which I was fortunate to participate, lasted merely half… Read more »

One-year anniversary of founding of the Museum of Rev. prelate Józef Obrembski in Maišiagala

A year has passed since the consecration of the statue depicting the late Rev. Józef Obrembski and the founding of the museum located in his “mansion.” Part of the building… Read more »

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