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A group of young nationalists has desecrated the mausoleum of Marshal Józef Piłsudski. The police has detained the alleged perpetrators.

The police has detained five members of an informal nationalist organization. They are suspected of desecrating the mausoleum of Marshal Józef Piłsudski and his mother in the Rasos Cemetery in… Read more »

Too Few Poles in the National Communities Council

At the beginning of December a new composition of the National Communities Council will start their activities. Poles will have three representatives there. Grzegorz Sakson, the chairman of the Polish… Read more »

Impotence or Unwillingness – the EU on Poles in Lithuania

The EU willingly fights for the human rights in Belarus but not in Lithuania. The European Commission does not enforce the rights of national minorities guaranteed in the Framework Convention… Read more »

Powerlessness or aversion – UE attitude towards Polish people living in Lithuania

UE eagerly fights for human rights in Belarus, but at the same time passes over Lithuania in silence. The European Commission does not enforce the rights of national minorities guaranteed… Read more »

Leonard Talmont appointed for the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee

The Human Rights Committee of the Seimas has selected Leonard Talmont for a new Chairman.  Mantasa Adomėnasa, the conservative candidate for the Deputy Chairman was rejected, since only two members… Read more »

“The best school. The best teacher.”“The best school. The best teacher.”

Traditionally, the Association of Polish Teachers in Lithuania “Macierz Szkolna” [Polish: Stowarzyszenie Nauczycieli Szkół Polskich na Litwie “Macierz Szkolna”] conducts the ranking of Polish schools in Vilnius Region.  After a… Read more »

Mackevič oversees the national security

Artūras Paulauskas of the Labour Party (Darbo Partija) was elected as the Chairman of the Committee on the National Security and Defense. Michal Mackevič from the Electoral Action of Poles… Read more »

Klaipėda as the most economically free. The Vilnius Region without a debt.

For the second time Klaipėda was designated the most economically free local government in Lithuania. The Vilnius Region is one of the few without any debt. Lithuanian Free Market Institute… Read more »

Szełkowski: I want to take care of the outskirts of the city. The City Council has new members.

Starting from today (November 28th) the City Council of Vilnius has six new members. The council’s fraction of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania is now strengthened by Waldemar… Read more »

In Vilnius there are new councillors from the EAPL

Six new councillors, including two from the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, will begin their service for the City Council of Vilnius. They will replace the former councillors who have… Read more »

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