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The Anniversary of H. Sienkiewicz School in Landarów

Last Friday a Polish school named after Henryk Sienkiewicz celebrated the 20th anniversary of its existence as a separate educational institution. A lot of honourable guests, teachers, parents and former… Read more »

Monitoring at the Rasos Cemetery – from March 2013

As already reported, another act of vandalism took place at the Rasos Cemetery in Vilnius. An unknown perpetrator put a cardboard box with the words “Caution, bomb!” and “Poles, get… Read more »

Monitoring at the Rossa cemetery no earlier than March

After the Saturday’s incident at the Rossa cemetery in Vilnius, when an offensive poster was hung on the grave, in which Józef Piłsudski’s mother and his heart are buried, the… Read more »

Niemyćko as Aphrodite

Leitmotiv of the evening in the show „Kviečių šokti“ (“Feel free to dance”) was a royal subject. Katarzyna Niemyćko with her partner Dainius Dimša chose a subject of the Twelve… Read more »

Saszenko acting as a beginning singer

After a successful debut in Elton John’s musical “Aida”, Ewelina Saszenko continues to conquer a professional theatre stage. This time the audience will have an opportunity to admire her great… Read more »

Olekas: Minorities have to feel like valuable citizens

“Program of the new government will include a lot of points concerning solutions for problems which minorities in Lithuania experience” – stated Juozas Olekas, vice-president of the Social Democratic Party… Read more »

Radczenko: Who is hostile towards a “new beginning” in the Polish-Lithuanian relations?

The fact that AWPL (Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania) exceeded the electoral threshold and they managed to enter the Lithuanian government on more or less equal terms, has created… Read more »

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