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Banner for the school dedicated to Marian Zdziechowski in Suderewo

Another school in Vilnius has its little holiday to celebrate. Today on 23rd of November the banner of school is being expend with celebration. The background of the banner is… Read more »

There is no true self-governance in Lithuania

Is Šalčininkai district municipality only a recreational and tourist region? Is it worth developing other fields of economy here? These issues were discussed during a conference in  Šalčininkai titled “Šalčininkai… Read more »

Inauguration of the Stanisław Moniuszko School in Kowalczuki

On November 14, 2012 took place the inauguration ceremony of the Stanisław Moniuszko School in Kowalczuki. The secondary school in Kowalczuki defended its accreditation and acquired the honourable status of… Read more »

”Polish Language Week” inauguration

On 15th November this year a ”Polish Language Week” in schools of the Vilnius region was officially inaugurated. The inauguration took place in the hall of Lithuanian Educological University. The… Read more »

Development of water mains in Vilnius region

As the Vilnius region officials have informed, 15 kilometres of water mains and 40.5 kilometres of sewerage are to be built. It is assumed that 2018 people will use the… Read more »

Development of water mains and sewerage system in Vilnius region is going faster

The project is realized in Zujūnų, Didžioji Riešė and Riešė. According to the plan, 15 km of water mains and 40.5 km of sewerage system are to be built. It… Read more »

What is the future of the Šalčininkai region?

“Šalčininkai 2013: business and employment possibilities” – this is the motto of the socio-economic discussion which took place in the Local Government of the Šalčininkai region. The meeting was organized… Read more »

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