• November 22, 2012
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Development of water mains and sewerage system in Vilnius region is going faster

The project is realized in Zujūnų, Didžioji Riešė and Riešė. According to the plan, 15 km of water mains and 40.5 km of sewerage system are to be built. It is assumed that 2018 people will use the new water mains and 3486 people will use the sewerage system. The inhabitants of the area will be provided with high quality services of water supply and sewage drain.

The project is in accordance with the rule of harmonious development: with its realisation, differences in water main and sewerage system infrastructure between Vilnius and Vilnius region will be levelled down. The project is connected with the objectives of National Cohesion Program and the Plan of Strategic Development of Vilnius Region for 2008-2015.

“The tasks that are currently being done are part of the most difficult stage, which takes a lot of time. It involves making various agreements with many different institutions. The tasks go according to the schedule, without disruption, and we hope it will be so at the later stages.”— said the deputy manager of the Administration of the Vilnius Region Self-Government, Władysław Kondratowicz.

There is an agreement as to the places where sewage will be drained. In Riešė 70% of profile projects is finished, the project had been submitted for an expertise and an analysis of a part of the water mains system from the basic pumping station to Molėtų Street and an application about building the system and placing electrical wires on national land has been submitted to the National Agricultural Service. In Didžioji Riešė, projects of the system near Ežero Street, which were submitted to national company Roads of Vilnius Region for acceptance, were created. The region assures that they have received the data about existing pumps and their powers. Negotiations with the inhabitants about building on their private land are in progress.

“A project of draining the sewage between Mažoji Riešė and Didžioji Riešė was prepared, expertise of the project has been done and the procedure of obtaining a permission to build has been initiated. In all villages topographical research has been carried out. In Mažoji Riešė and Didžioji Riešė geological research has been done, and the system is being designed.”— said FIDIC engineer, Bronius Vepštas.

The project is supposed to be completed in May 2014.

More information anout the project can be found on the webpage of the Administration of The Vilnius Region Self-Government www.vrsa.lt or on the website of the „Nemenčinės komunalininkas“ company, http://nemenkom.do.am.

Source: http://kurierwilenski.lt/2012/11/22/nabiera-rozpedu-realizacja-projektu-rozwoju-sieci-wodociagowo-kanalizacyjnych-w-rejonie-wilenskim/

Tłumaczenie Emilia Zawieracz w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Emilia Zawieracz the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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