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Aziewicz: It’s No Time for Thinking About Alternative Scenarios

It would be tactless if a Polish politician instructed Lithuanian government. Better relationships are in the interest of both nations and that is why I am optimistic about changes in… Read more »

„Aukso vainikas” Folk artist’s exhibition in Nemenčinė

Over 100 of folk artists from the Vilnius County took part in a competition and exhibition “The Golden Laurels” (lit. Auksinis vainikas), which this time took place in the Cultural… Read more »

Natalia Kimso- headmaster of the only trilingual educational centre in Lithuania

Soft and comfortable furniture, flowers in the corridors. Very clean, light walls. Silence, peace. Nothing here resembles an atmosphere of a school, where, traditionally, there is a buzz of children’s… Read more »

A press review. About coalition, electoral register and hard slaps across the face.

It does not look good. It is simply boring. Waldemar Tomaszewski is in the papers every day after winning 8 seats by the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania. Now… Read more »

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