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Court decision carried out – plates in place

“All bilingual plates with names of streets which were put on private houses in the Šalčininkai District Municipality are still there”, said the head of the administration department of the… Read more »

Gediminas Kazėnas: Lithuanians should follow Poles in how to love their homeland.

The reader Gediminas Kazėnas (Political Sciences Department in Michał Romer University in Vilnius) comments on the “Studies of the identity of the Polish minority in Lithuania”, guided by the group… Read more »

Gediminas Kazėnas: Poles set an example how to love one’s homeland and Lithuanians should follow it (84

Docent Gediminas Kazėnas of Institute of Political Sciences at Mykolas Romeris University (Uniwersytet Michała Romera) in Vilnius, comments on “Polish national minority in Lithuania’s identity research” (“Badania nad tożsamością polskiej… Read more »

In the space of Polish and Russian art. A new exhibition in the House of Polish Culture

“Do you like that sculpture?” said an elegant lonely woman that was watching the exhibition in the House of Polish Culture. “It seems that the artist wanted to show the… Read more »

The Polish Debate Club. “During last 25 years, nothing has changed”

„Lithuanian anti-Polish stereotypes and ultimatum policy hinder the improvement of the relations between Poland and Lithuania that were established in the interwar period,” said Antanas Valionis, the former Ambassador of… Read more »

Roaming around the streets of Vilnius: Rotund – a very interesting and inspiring character

His real name was Augustyn Mielecki, Mieleski. Because of his appearance (from the Latin rotundus – round) he was dubbed Rotund. Throughout the course of history he is known as… Read more »

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