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National minorities OSCE expert visits Lithuania

Veronika Kristkova paid a visit in Lithuania; she is a national minorities expert on the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The purpose of this visit is to… Read more »

Józef Obremski Secondary School was inaugurated: let Mejszogoła rejoice

“Let Mejszogoła rejoice when we will step into adulthood” – as the students of Józef Obremski Secondary School were singing during the ceremony which was preceded by a Holy Mass… Read more »

OSCE representative meets with the EAPL faction

“I’ve come to Vilnius for a visit to update my information about the situation of ethnic minorities in Lithuania”, said Veronica Kristkova, a legal expert in the office of OSCE… Read more »

The inauguration of the priest Józef Obrembski Gymnasium: May Maišiagala be happy about us

May Maišiagala be happy about us when we will be adult,” the students of the priest Józef Obrembski in Maišiagala sang the school hymn during the inauguration celebration of the… Read more »

The OSCE expert on national minorities pays a visit to Lithuania

The visit in Lithuania is being paid by Veronika Kristkova, the expert at legal issues of the Office of the High Commissioner on National Minorities (OSCE). The aim of the… Read more »

241. anniversary of the founding of the Commission of National Education in Lithuania forgotten

October 14 – Day of National Education on the anniversary of the founding of the Komisja Edukacji Narodowej (Commission of National Education) in 1773. In Poland this is the day of the… Read more »

“I did not hesitate any moment when I learnt about those studies.” Why the Polish university in Vilnius?

Many students are interested in the long awaited second cycle studies in the Vilnius Branch of the University of Białystok. In the first year of study, there are 50 people…. Read more »

Renata Cytacka: We draw in Lithuanian

`Renata Cytacka: We draw in Lithuanian Our view has not changed since 2011. We still demand the withdrawal of the Law on Education of March 17, 2011, which is a… Read more »

Only Lithuanian street signs

Lithuanian and some Polish-language media report with satisfaction the capitulation of so called Polish local governments in the case of the removal of signs with Polish street names from private… Read more »

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