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A Vilnius man in the Netherlands: I will stay Polish forever

“I started from scratch, I had to learn the language and find myself  in new reality” – says Edmund Piunow, a Polish man from Vilnius who has been living in… Read more »

The Black Angel saved! (Video)

The Black Angel, one of the most beautiful monuments at the Rasos cemetery in Vilnius – just like 100 years ago – protects the old necropolis from above. Thanks to the… Read more »

,, Lech Wałęsa ” will bloom in the Bernardine’s Garden

“Today, after 25 years, we are happy to give the people of Lithuania and the Vilnius city the tulips, the flowers in white and red colours, which were named after… Read more »

Public discussion about the project of the renewal of the memorial in Ponary

Yesterday in the Tolerance Centre in Vilnius there was a public presentation of the project of the renewal of the memorial in Ponary and the discussion about this topic. 16… Read more »

The image of a Pole in Lithuania

“Who are you? A little Pole” these words of Władysław Bełza’s catechism of a Polish child in Vilnius Region should have their own adaptation “a Pole in Lithuania”. Geographical location… Read more »

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