List/Grid Monthly Archives: November 2014

Vilnius 1905: the Revolution, the elections and… bilingual signs!

In a few months the first direct mayor elections will take place in Vilnius. Among the candidates there is also a representative of the Polish society. We keep saying that… Read more »

Vilnius: ”Invocation” was declaimed in 27 languages

New record was set in Vilnius: „Invocation” opening lines of Adam Mickiewicz poem „Pan Tadeusz” were declaimed in 27 languages. The idea of celebrating the 180th anninversary of the first… Read more »

In the Council on Culture national minorities are to be represented by the person born in Estonia

The candidate for a new member of Lithuanian Council on Culture is Pille Veljataga. She is to replace one of the members of the Council, Stanisław Widtmann, who has been… Read more »

Lithuanian Wikipedia filled out with 234 entries about Poland!

The competition organised by Polish embassy in Vilnius and portal DELFI for the best entries about Poland in Lithuanian Wikipedia has been settled! The first places in the contest were… Read more »

Ethnic minorities to be represented by an Estonian-born person in the Council for Culture

The candidate for a new member of the Lithuanian Council for Culture is Ms. Pille Veljataga. She will replace Mr. Stanislav Widtmann who has been nominated for the position of… Read more »

Why do we “fight” with our oldest allies, Poles?

There the topics on our cause list that are tried to be avoided. On a rare occasion they are raised, but even then they are talked about in a brief… Read more »

Untouchable Lithuanian Language

Lithuania President’s advisor, Virginija Būdienė, does not agree with the proposal of the liberalization of rules regulating the usage of Lithuanian language. The discussions concerning protection of Lithuanian language flared… Read more »

A Polish-Lithuanian list of entries of national libraries is being created

Common history, common heroes, common cultural legacy – all of this linked Poland and Lithuania for centuries, and is finding his reflection in the literature of both nations. Thanks to… Read more »

The oratorical contest ‘To beautifully tell the small homeland’

On Saturday December 13th, 2014, at 10 a.m. in the main building of the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences in Vilnius (Studentų 39 street), room 501, the oratorical contest for… Read more »

December will bring the conclusion to the contest concerning site of memorial in Ponary

The first stage of the contest, which concerned the project of renovation of memorial site in Ponary has come to the end. Among 16 projects qualified to the contest, announced… Read more »

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