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“Academy of the Polish national identity” – training for Polish teachers in Lithuania

Teacher Training Center of the Association “Polish Community” in cooperation with the Educational Society and the Pedagogic-psychological Clinic in the Vilnius District is organizing this year the second edition of trainings “Academy of the Polish national identity” for Polish teachers in Lithuania on the 27-31 October, 19-21 November and 10-12 December. Trainings will be held in the House of the Polish Culture (Naugarduko 76 Street, Vilnius).

Development of the teaching abilities of supporting the effective learning, effective action and involving others in the activity is the purpose of those trainings. The teachers during the proposed trainings will be developing their professional competence. All classes and workshops will involve work with specific situations which the participants encounter in the school environment.

We cordially invite you to attend three cycles of trainings: “Activation of the process of teaching – applying interesting and attractive methods of work with the group of children and teenagers”, “School of the future – how to manage changes in the groups” (40 teaching hours); “Methodology of working with the gifted pupil” (20 teaching hours); “Cycle of trainings developing interpersonal competence” (20 teaching hours).

Zdzisław Hofman (coach of psychological and pedagogical competence, coach and supervisor of the KLANZA Association from Lublin) will be leading the first part of the trainings. The program includes learning in group, creative work in the work of the teacher; group processes to the development and education; how is our brain learning?; what is innovation in the education; work in the “audit culture”; how to move safely through the changes?; teacher of the future – the most valuable competences.

Agnieszka Jankowska (business coach, the author and director of the program developing the creative potential of the pupils “Academy of the Creation”, member of the Polish Teachers and Animators Association KLANZA) will take over for the next section. The program includes preparing teachers for effective supporting of the gifted pupil by expanding the knowledge concerning contemporary understanding of the ability, noticing talent in pupils and designing individual development path in the conditions of the mass school; discovering methods and techniques of working and effective ways of motivating in the education of the gifted pupil, in order to fully develop his potential.

Roman Juchniewicz (graduate of the department of psychology at the Warsaw University, at present head of the Pedagogic-psychological Clinic in the Vilnius District) will be leading the third part of trainings. The program includes “Interpersonal communication in teaching and upbringing” (the participants will learn about the ways of effective verbal communication and about the great importance of non-verbal communication in effective teaching; “Managing conflicts at school” (participants will be equipped with a knowledge that will help them identify the causes of conflicts and understand them, the teachers will also learn effective techniques of resolving conflicts); “Effective management of stress in the profession of the teacher” (the training will allow the participants to look closer at their own predispositions, personalities, strong and weak points). Participants will get to know different kinds of relaxation techniques that help with fast recovery after stressful situations and meetings.

Trainings will be held in form of a workshop, which will include the theoretical and practical parts, material analysis, individual work, group work, tests and discussions.

The main task of the trainings is to meet the development needs of the teachers, enrich the teachers’ workshop, and as a result increase the prestige of polish education in Lithuania.

The recruitment will end on October 15 2014 (the number of spots is limited).

The program and the application form are available on the websites (www.odnswp.pl and http://www.ppt.vrsa.lt/pl). Please send your applications to mokymai@ppt.vrsa.lt and call (85)2439429 if you have any questions.

The organizers

Translated by Anna Wójcik within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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