• July 30, 2014
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Councillors of Vilnius region thanked thebest high school graduates

The meeting of the Government of the Vilnius Region began with a formal ceremony of handing over diplomas and gifts to 11 students who earned the highest scores in the matura exam. Then the council began to consider about 60 drafts of decisions, which, after carefull consideration has been mostly approved.

With satisfaction, the Council took information, from Danuté Šidlauskienė, head of the Department of  Planning Budget, about more than 100 percent implementation of the plan in the area of ​​tax collection, in the result of which more than 2 million litas of additional resources were received. This is an excellent indicator for the last few years, and Vilnius region in this respect is placed among the best in the country. However, as noted bitterly by mayor Maria Rekść Vilnius region, although the budget goes back to the pre-crisis levels, the rising costs imposed from above by the government does not bode optimistic.

It has become sort of a tradition that the local area applies alleviations and discounts for their residents when paying for heating and water, and during Friday’s meeting councilors approved the application mode of a discount when paying for the land. As in previous years, residents who have up to 5 hectares of land for agricultural purpose in rural localities and 0.25 in Nemenčinė are exempt from tax, but under the condition that the land is attended to and grass was burnt there.

On the base of the decision of the Council, Middle School in Pagiriai was  given minibus “Volkswagen Crafter”, which will improve the delivery of students. Councillors also approved a decision to transfer the assets of the local government to nurseries-kindergartens in Avižieniai, Lavoriškės,  and Mickūnai.

The vast majority of councilors approved also a Strategic Plan for the Development of the Vilnius Region in the years of 2016-2023. The plan reflects the current situation of the region, directions priority were defined, strategic goals and vision of development, as well as the conditions, arrangements and responsibilities for their implementation. The plan is to increase the competitiveness of the region, more favorable conditions for business development and attraction of investment.

During the meeting, the Council approved the coat of arms of Medininkai. The author of the coat of arms is a painter Juozas Galkus, and one of its basic elements is fortified castle of Medininkai.
Medininkai  was sixth town in the region, which has its own coat of arms. Nemenčinė, Maišiagala, Buivydžiai, Paberžės and Mickūnai already have their own coats of arms.

Translated by Patrycja Pawłowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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