• July 18, 2014
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The dynamics of the Lithuanian-Polish relations- on the International Conference

The Club of the Polish language and Polish culture of Adam Mickiewicz in Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University invites you to the international scientific conference “the dynamics of the Lithuanian-Polish relations,” which will be held on September 19.

The Conference is dedicated to the 10. anniversary of the death of Czeslaw Milosz. There will be shown the results of the studies on the dynamics of the Lithuanian-Polish relations based on areas: history, political science, philosophy, art history, economics, sociology, and other Humanities and social.

“The Conference aims at promoting the research, which examined the issue of the highest life expectancies in the historical relations between Lithuania and Poland, common experience and close contact momentum and changing in the course of the political and cultural changes of the two countries,” said in an interview with zw.lt the manager of the Club of Polish language and Polish culture of Adam Mickiewicz, Mindaugas Norkevičius.

In addition, there will be discussed currently bothering minorities questions about their identity, their reflections in literature, as well as the analysis of contemporary problems, common interests and views of Lithuania and Polish, foreign policies and priorities of strategic cooperation between them, in particular in the eastern neighborhood of Euro-Atlantic security and development trends in the European Union.

Theme instances Conference participants are: Paradigms of the common history of Lithuania and Polish; Relations of Lithuania and Polish in the political, economic and social processes; Cultural development of Lithuania and Poland; National identity and its transformation: Lithuanian-Polish identity issues.

“Papers during the Conference will be conducted in three languages: Lithuanian and Polish, but also in English. To August 24, we are waiting for notification of people who are willing to make a presentation on my e-mail address: a.mickeviciausklubas@gmail.com. Please be assured that made during the Conference papers will be published in scientific journals, “explained zw.lt Mindaugas Norkevičius.

Organizers also are waiting on the listeners of the Conference and shall inform their separate registration is not applicable.

Translated by Ewelina Filonik within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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