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Christmas meeting for the kids of the families at social risk in the Pogiry Eldership

On the December the 20th, the Pogiry Eldership has welcomed kids and their parents from the families at social risk. They took part in a meeting with Santa Claus. All… Read more »

Sacrifice of the Cross in Sużany

The last Sunday, on December the 30th, after a Mass in the St. Felix of Valois church in Sużany, a Cross has been blessed by The Reverend Monsignor, Eduardas Kirstukas…. Read more »

The celebration of 100th anniversary of Theatre on Pohulanka

On January 4, there will be the celebration of 100th anniversary of Theatre on Pohulanka, in which Polish theatres from Lithuania can present their latest arts. The patron is Member… Read more »

Ludkowski: The Government is so favourable in words, we will see what will be in action

Artur Ludkowski, the councillor of Vilnius and the director of The House of Polish Culture in Vilnius, is sceptical to the reforms of public transport in the capital city of… Read more »

Christmas Carol Evening in Mariampol

The county office room was beautifully decorated: tables were covered with white tablecloths, there were white candles, and white wafers on white plates… The “Christmas Carol Evening” took place in… Read more »

“Czas liderów 2” (The time of leaders 2): the meeting in the Primary School in Kiena

Last month, members of an activist group of Vilnius district municipality met as part of “Czas liderów 2” project. Among the guests there was the deputy director of Wydział Oświaty… Read more »

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