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Demonstration in defense of ‘Lelewel’: We’re hoping they will hear us.

‘We hope the Council will come to its senses and will allow us to become the ‘prolonged junior high school’ – as the participants of today’s picket in defence of… Read more »

The bulldozer of the conservatives and the liberals vs. minority schools

As we have mentioned, today there was a meeting of the local government in Vilnius, on which the draft projects, which are unfavourable for national minority schools (Polish and Russian;… Read more »

Legendary Polish school “No. 5” moves out to the other side of the river (31)

On the 1st of September 2016, Joachim Lelewel High school, legendary “No. 5”, has to leave its building in Antokol and relocate to the one in Żyrmuny, where is a… Read more »

Decision of the capital Council: “Lelewel” to Żyrmuny

The liberal-conservative bulldozer drove around the schools of national minorities in Vilnius. The High School called after J. Lelewel has a chance to obtain the status of a secondary school,… Read more »

„We won’t allow Polish schools to be closed down!” – parents’ protest in front of Local Government of the Capital City

“We are fighting for justice in education”, “ We won’t allow Polish schools to be closed down!”, “No to the bulldozer policy” – posters in Polish, Lithuanian, and Russian with… Read more »

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