In Taboryszki the memory about Anna Krepsztul will go on

Podczas zapalenia zniczy na grobie Anny Krepsztul, fot.

Anna Krepsztul, a folk painter was commemorated in Taboryszki. Her friends, representatives of local authorities and the youth of Polish school in Butrymańce named after her congregated in her hometown on the 7th anniversary of her death.

Anna Krepsztul, a folk painter, a freeman of the Soleczniski region was born in Taboryszki where she lived all her life. She is buried in the local cemetery. She was not able to travel or to study – an incurable disease made it impossible for her. The artist had osteoporosis and bone tuberculosis. Despite that she was an active painter and her paintings can be found in private collections and churches in many countries of Europe, America or Australia. It is about 3,5 thousand of works.

As every year, on the anniversary of her death (12 October) her friends and well-wishers participated in Holy Mass in St. Michael the Archangel Church in Taboryszki. Then, they put lights on her grave and there was a Commemorate Evening in the local museum. “It was a moving ceremony. People shared memories. Weronika Łyskojć , her closest neighbour said she missed their talks…,” said Henryk Danulewicz, Anna Krepsztul’s friend when talking to Wilnoteka.

Henryk Danulewicz is a chairperson of the Local Society “Taboryszki as if painted” which goal is, among others, not to let the world forget about Anna Krepsztul. Thanks to the Society the exhibition hall in the Anna Krepsztul Museum in Taboryszki was renovated. The museum organizes artistic plain-aires for gifted children of the region. The Society plan to publish the book of the works of the painter. “We want to reach those who own Hania’s paintings so that we could make a photo and describe them. Our dream is to publish a book with high-quality pictures, well-edited. We have to do this, but it is expensive. Before the book of her works will be publish, we will be able to read Jan Sienkiewicz’s book who collected and edited Hania’s memories and letters which she sent to her friends,” informed Danulewicz.

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