Next Polish schools with the status of a middle school

Gimnazjum im. ks. J. Obrembskiego w Mejszagole, fot.

In 2015 in Lithuania the plan of the reorganization of the network of schools is supposed to be fulfilled. Secondary schools which programs won’t pass the accreditation process will be converted into primary schools or pro-middle-schools. In the Vilnius district as many as 9 secondary schools with Polish language of teaching acquired the status of the middle school, in the Šalčininkai District Municipality – 4, in Vilnius – 3. At present the P.K. Brzostowski secondary school in Turgiele (Šalčininkai District Municipality) is trying to get the middle school status. The Polish school in Mejszagoła is already preparing for an inauguration ceremony of the middle school.

The accreditation committee from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania is checking at present, whether the Polish school in Turgiele (a secondary school with Lithuanian language of the teaching also exists in this town, reporting directly to the department of the education) is fulfilling the accreditation criteria. There are many factors taken into account, among others results of the Polish school-leaving examinations, successes of pupils from the last three years, the victories in the subject Olympics and competitions, and even how many lessons pupils missed for justified and unjustified reasons. The accreditation committee is checking and assessing also the financial base of the school.

The accreditation process is divided into a few stages. The first phase of accreditation of the teaching program of the P.K. Brzostowski secondary school was already held. In the second half of October the ministerial committee will come again to the school in Turgiele.

A Polish school in Mejszagoła – Rev. J. Obrembski Middle School- has it all already behind it. On the 14th October an inauguration of the middle school will be held. “The fact that we acquired the status of the middle school is an achievement of the entire community. Into preparations for accreditation of the program all teachers and pupils, methodological organizations and the student self-government body were involved. We also had the support of the Self-government body of the Vilnius district and regional department of the education”, said Alfreda Jankowska (headmaster of the Rev. J. Obrembski Middle School in Mejszagoła) in a conversation with Wilnoteka.

“We were lucky, as at the present the accreditation criteria are easier than at the beginning, when the first schools were making efforts to acquire the status of a middle school. Year 2015, when all schools should be accredited is closer and closer, so the Ministry of Education and Science lowered a little the requirements. Of course – even with those reduced criteria – we had to put in quite a lot of work and effort. There were sleepless nights, stacks of documents. There was anxiety: whether we will success. The committee considered the results of the Polish school-leaving examinations from the last three years. Three years ago we had a very good generation of last year pupils and great results of the maturity examination. Two years ago the final year was weaker. This year’s graduates did great and thanks to them we got a good final evaluation. Successes of pupils during the Olympics and competitions, among others from history were also highly appraised. We also have extracurricular activities on a high level, excellent artistic teams, good attendance statistics – all of that was taken into account by the committee from the ministry” – said Alfreda Jankowska.

In Mejszagoła, there are both Polish and Lithuanian schools. Both simultaneously tried for the status of the middle school. Alfreda Jankowska in the conversation with Wilnoteka said that keeping in Mejszagoła a Polish school, with classes from first to secondary-school graduation class was the first goal. “Parents want their children to have a school, in which they can obtain the high school diploma, on the spot, in their town. The majority isn’t probably thinking whether it is a secondary school or a middle school. However, the fact that from now on the school is called the middle school, has a positive overtone” – stated A. Jankowska.

For acquiring the status of the middle school are applying at present Polish schools in Rukojnie, Mickuny and Landwarów.

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