25 years of the Polish section of the Vilnius Community of Political Prisoners and Exiles

Fot. Antoni Radczenko

“Each anniversary stimulates reflection and memories of the achievements of the past years” said Janina Gieczewska during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Polish section of the Vilnius Community of Political Prisoners and Exiles, which took place yesterday in the House of Polish Culture.

The celebration began with the Holy Mass at St. Ghost church. After the mass, Siberian deportees  laid flowers near the monument of the Cross of Siberian deportees in Vilnius Calvary. Later, the celebration took part in the House of Polish Culture. “On the wave of national revival and the Lithuanians’ pursuit toward independence, 25 years ago formed various associations, societies, associations and community organizations. This year, many of them are celebrating their anniversaries. The Polish section of Vilnius Community of Political Prisoners and Exiles is not an exception. The date of its foundation is 6 October 1989 “- told to the gathered Janina Gieczewska, the president of the Polish section of the Vilnius Community of Political Prisoners and Exiles.

Gieczewska reminded the audience that the stimulus to create the organization of Polish exiles and political prisoners was a series of articles in the “Red Banner” – “Chronicle of memory. Vilnius footprints on the road of suffering “, which was run by George Surwiło. One of the first who told his Siberian story was Romuald Gieczewski, later the longtime president of the Polish section.

During the celebration Janina Gieczewska was awarded by the President of the Polish Association of Siberian Deportees Tadeusz Chwiedzia with Gold Badge of Honour for Merit. This is the most important distinction awarded by the Association of Siberian Deportees.

At the celebration arrived numerous guests from the country and from the abroad. Polish politicians in Lithuania were represented by Michael Mackiewicz and Joseph Kwiatkowski. The Polish Studio Theatre in Vilnius prepared a special program with poetry and music.

Source: http://zw.lt/wilno-wilenszczyzna/25-lecie-polskiej-sekcji-wilenskiej-wspolnoty-wiezniow-politycznych-zeslancow/

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