List/Grid Monthly Archives: September 2014

They will be seeking the spokesman of equal opportunities

Temporarily acting as the spokesman of equal opportunities – Edita Žiobienė Politicians are concerned with the fact that the Service of the Controller of Equal Opportunities has no permanent manager…. Read more »

At the Vilnius branch of University in Bialystok –postgraduate studies!

This is good news for students who want to gain the academic degree of Master of Economics. In Vilnius branch of University in Bialystok has been started postgraduate studies in… Read more »

75th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland. Polish and Lithuanian points of view

At dawn on September 17, 1939 the troops of the Red Army crossed the Riga’s border and attacked  defending itself against the Germans Poland. The assault had sealed the fate… Read more »

Paying tribute to the defenders of Vilnius from 75 years ago

On the 75th anniversary of the Soviet aggression on Poland, Polish representatives of diplomatic institutions and of the polish community in Lithuania, paid tribute to the defenders of the Vilnius… Read more »

The Government: letters q, w and x can have negative influence on the Lithuanian language

The Government agreed with the suggestion of the Ministry of Culture concerning the initiative of the group of members of Parliament, who proposed that all letters of the Latin alphabet,… Read more »

During the Vilnius Marathon was distributed more than a ton of Polish apples

More than a ton of apples and a half thousand bottles of apple juice were distributed on the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and the Polish… Read more »

Kiejzik: In London, we met a true Polish aristocracy and intelligentsia

At the beginning of September with the performance “Notes of a Red Army officer” Polish Studio Theatre in Vilnius visited London. The performance is considered successful  by the Studio. The… Read more »

The EAPL proposes, the President does not comment

The parliamentary representatives of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania have prepared a draft of the law on national minorities, making the wide use of the languages of national… Read more »

Slendzinski’s work in Zatrocze

“The portrait and time” – it is a new exhibition at the palace in Zatrocze. In the renovated a few years ago interiors of the former headquarters of Tyszkiewicz’s family… Read more »

A treacherous stab in the back: 75 years ago the Soviet army invaded Poland

September 17, 1939- breaking the Polish-Soviet non-aggression pact  the Red Army entered the territory of the Republic of Poland. The Soviet invasion of Poland was the implementation of the agreement… Read more »

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