• September 17, 2014
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At the Vilnius branch of University in Bialystok –postgraduate studies!

This is good news for students who want to gain the academic degree of Master of Economics. In Vilnius branch of University in Bialystok has been started postgraduate studies in Polish language!

Vilnius branch of the University of Bialystok has already granted the permission of the Ministry of Science and Education of Lithuania (No. 002508) and the Assessment Quality Centre of Studies (Studijų kokybės vertinimo centro) (No.. SV2-104), as well as the Polish Accreditation Committee (No. 1540) and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education RP (No. DSW.ZNU.6051.17.2014.4.AL) to start the postgraduate studies programme in economics for two specializations: 1. Functioning and development of the modern economy;

  1. Company on the market.

These studies are identical to those  that are carried out at the Faculty of Economics and Management at the University of Bialystok. Classes in Vilnius will be lead by a high-class lecturers from University of Bialystok.

“The functioning in the modern world requires high skills and is based on knowledge – said for “Courier” dr. hab. Jaroslaw Wołkonowski, the Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Informatics in Vilnius. – Our graduates after gaining their master’s degree will possess skills and knowledge that in our complex times and challenging realities of the free market will allow them to find their place, a good job, or become known from their own companies and create job places for the others.

A few days ago has already started the recruitment for postgraduate studies, which will last till the end of September. First applicants have already submitted the required documents. The daily full-time studies, lasting two years are waiting for them. The classes will be held in Polish language. Classes will be conducted on working days in the afternoon – since 4 pm. in order to create the possibility for workers to simultaneously reconcile work and studies.

What is interesting, the postgraduate studies may be joined by those who have graduated universities with  bachelor’s degree , not only in the fields of economics and management, but also with diplomas of studies such as ethnology, European studies, history, law, pedagogy, political science, psychology, sociology and international relations.

“Perhaps specialists in Polish studies would have problems with postgraduate studies in economics, but the reconciliation of various studies is the norm in European countries. Since there is created the possibility of requalification it is a good opportunity to try out your forces.” – said dr. Jarosław Wołkonowski.

The cost of studies is 2 500 LTL per year (in other universities in Lithuania the fees for postgraduate studies in economics are  as high as 7 200 Lt and above) – these are the costs of the maintenance of the rented material base as branch in Vilnius have not had its own residence, yet. Classes will be held in the Polish language at Kalwaria Street 135 and the halls of the House of Polish Culture in Vilnius. After graduation, the graduates will receive diplomas with the degree in Economics recognized in Lithuania and other EU countries.

Students have the same rights as  students of Lithuanian universities and an access to a wide range of scholarships – social, ministerial and scientific on the total sum of 2 000 € per year.

“The conditions to obtain the scholarship are good learning and of course lack of debts – said the dean.- The  Ministry of Education and Science RL on their websites reported that none of our graduates registered on the Lithuanian Labour Exchange as unemployed, which suggests that the university educates good graduates. For sure, postgraduate studies will raise even more the qualifications of our students.

Whereas, this year’s high school graduates or high school graduates from previous years can still  appliqué on Bachelor’s degree studies in economics or computer science –  we still have some vacancies on the economy and about 20 places in the field of  computer science. The recruitment in these fields will last till the end of September. Detailed information on www.uwb.lt

Translated by Katarzyna Ratajek within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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