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During the Vilnius Marathon was distributed more than a ton of Polish apples

More than a ton of apples and a half thousand bottles of apple juice were distributed on the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and the Polish… Read more »

Kiejzik: In London, we met a true Polish aristocracy and intelligentsia

At the beginning of September with the performance “Notes of a Red Army officer” Polish Studio Theatre in Vilnius visited London. The performance is considered successful  by the Studio. The… Read more »

The EAPL proposes, the President does not comment

The parliamentary representatives of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania have prepared a draft of the law on national minorities, making the wide use of the languages of national… Read more »

Slendzinski’s work in Zatrocze

“The portrait and time” – it is a new exhibition at the palace in Zatrocze. In the renovated a few years ago interiors of the former headquarters of Tyszkiewicz’s family… Read more »

A treacherous stab in the back: 75 years ago the Soviet army invaded Poland

September 17, 1939- breaking the Polish-Soviet non-aggression pact  the Red Army entered the territory of the Republic of Poland. The Soviet invasion of Poland was the implementation of the agreement… Read more »

The Ministry of Culture: Cytacki should take and pass an exam from the Lithuanian language

The Ministry of Culture claims that a request from a citizen of Poland Mariusz Cezary Cytacki, who works in the local government of the Vilnius Region to know the Lithuanian… Read more »

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